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How it all started

While we remember the experience of children playing with action figures in imaginary worlds, we, a team of experienced VR artists and developers, create new experiences which are bringing these memories back in new innovative ways.

We value physical toys. We value group play. And we love VR!

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Raising the Bar



Our original 3D animated art emphasizes the experience of playing in the real world of the small action figure sized hero. You are an invisible giant, controlling the hero, in his world. We create and develop new ways of 3d person cinematic scenes, which immerse you, the player, in the hero's world. In a way, you are not "real" there, but the hero is real in his "real" world.

VR-man_for 3d print.401.png

Immersive game play

>> 100% Skill based - While the first time VR-MAN is played is intuitive as playing with action figures, the game intensifies into a challenging, skill based game play. 

>> High engagement - Playing with action figures is not about the player, it's about the hero. 3rd person perspective offers deep, long-term, replayable gaming experiences

>> Group experience - each player selects his own action figure on multiplayer version, offering group gaming experiences for LBEs.

>> Minimal playing space - Sitting players has no disadvantage compared to standing players, allowing venues to maximize playing space

>> Immersive entertainment - Featuring innovative long distance control of the hero. Offering Non-HMD venues (s.a. Domes, Imax theatres etc) interactable gaming content.

>> Story driven art and theme - Passionate experienced developers, designers, musicians and artists. VR-MAN games and content are all story driven.


Action Figure Comes To Life

Play, control and communicate with the next generation of action figures!

Created for the emerging immersive-VR-entertainment market, we offer exclusive content AND hardware packages, which connects actual action figures to virtual reality.

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