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Action figures come to life!

As Hyper Reality VR games and content creators, our flag concept is VR MAN - the games, the action figures, the worlds, feel and style.

Introducing the next generation of actual action figures. We develop, create and manufacture patent pending VR-action figure looking controllers, which enable players to control and play with their action figures in our VR games and immersive experiences.

So what exactly are we doing in AYAYU GAMES?

If it’s VR, we can do it!

Hyper Reality

We specialize in developing hyper-reality VR content and games specially tailored for our clients.
Whether you are a VR arcade, theme-park, content distributor or a business seeking to create themed and branded hyper-reality VR content, we will create the right experience and game for your special needs, and combine it with the necessary hyper-reality items.


Developing, designing, modeling and implementing concepts inside VR environment.

Our experienced team of artists, developers, and designers, of all expertise necessary to create, design, develop, publish and market high-end VR hardware accessories, VR games and immersive content will make sure you as a client will get the best result possible on a maximum value per money basis.



We develop for VR HMD’s (s.a. HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Microsoft MR, etc), mobile VR devices (Oculus GO, HTC Vive Focus, Mobile) and other VR oriented hardware systems such as domes, 360 theatres, wall projected content venues and more.


Strategic partners

Our strategic partners include:



HTC Vive is our key partner for approaching worldwide businesses, special technological aid, market perspectives and more.


1Sync ltd - LBE network.

1Sync is our partner in testing, implementing and fulfilling VR LBE’s needs for successful and sustainable content and business.


Alon Saranga post production ltd

The known and experienced post-production studio is our partner in creating high-end videos and VFX for games and marketing materials.

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